Wednesday, November 07, 1990

Online Book Cover Critique

Below this post you will find the book covers I received for this assignment. This week we will be having an online critique of the books. In order to receive a grade for this assignment you should:

1) View all of the books during class so that you can see the front, back, spine and flaps. Take notes while you look at the books based on these questions:
  • What about the book cover looks unlike what you would expect to see on a professionally designed book.
  • What about the book cover looks exactly like what you would expect to see on a professionally designed book.
  • What do you think are the best things about the book cover?
  • What would you change about the book cover.
2) Visit the "Comments" Section for each of the books on this page and comment on the book, answering the questions above and making any other comments you would like to make. It is up to you whether or not you include your name in the comments you leave. If you do not you will be completely anonymous.

3) Send me an email with two things: First: your own critique of your own book answering the above questions and including any other comments you like to make. Second: Copies of all of the comments you made on the other books.

This is due before the beginning of class next week.

Dark Victory

The Restless Universe

I Am A Soilder Too

Invisible Man

Timothy McSweeny

The Spirit of Children

The Quotable Cyclist

A Dying Fall

The Brethren

Edgar Allen Poe

If Dogs Could Talk

The Five People You Meet In Heaven