Monday, February 27, 2006

Band of the week

The New Mastersounds - Led by virtuoso guitarist, Eddie Roberts, the band also features Hammond player Bob Birch, bassist Pete Shand and drummer Simon Allen.

NMS are based in Leeds, UK and have been together as a core since February 1999.

With influences from early rare funk to Jimi Hendrix, Grant Green, Lou Donaldson, Jimmy McGriff, and the Meters, the New Mastersounds spearheaded something of a UK funk revival with their limited-pressing 7" single releases

Electric Heat

Electric Heat is the work of Nigel Evan Dennis, a 24 year old digital artist who has created work for an impressive list of clients including: Sony BMG, Stardust, Fanta, Microsoft, Absolut Vodka, Ogilvy & Mather, Suave, GDS&M, McCann-Erickson, Nylon Magazine, Beatmart Records, Entertainment Weekly, Footlocker, SUPERFad, Sony Music, Columbia Records, XLR8R Magazine, Tooth & Nail Records, CrushMM, Upper Playground, The Royal, Fueled By Ramen Records, Lujo Records, MakeBreak Records, Solidstate Records, DC3 Management, Chris Staples, Suffering & The Hideous Thieves, The Evaluation, Tower of Rome,, Rome Snowboards.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Photoshop User Magazine

The NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Users) publishes Photoshop User Magazine 8 times a year. Here is a link to a PDF of their November/December '05 issue.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Studying at an Art Institute

For those of you considering studying at an Art Institute, this documentary takes an in depth look at the inner workings of this focused and intense method of study.

CSS Layout Tutorial

I haven't tried it out for myself yet, but here is a pretty decent looking CSS layout tutorial that you can work through. Anyone taking any of my classes can turn this in to me for extra credit.

Holy Smoke!

Try applying next to this guy for a job... This is the most impressive portfolio web site I think I've ever seen. Rockin. He studied at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta that I referenced earlier this week. Amazing Portfolio. Tough Competition.

Train to be a Fighter Mouser

Rumor has it that "Escapa!" is used to train fighter pilots. If this is what the huge military budget is getting us for fighter pilot training, then someone is DEFINITELY gettin some scratch on the side, but it is a pretty good way to train your clone-stampin-skills. So far my top time is 57.325 seconds. BEAT THAT!

Paying for Potholes with your Tuition

Glenn DuBois, the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), spoke today to Faculty, Staff and Students about legislation that will be voted on in two weeks in Richmond that would cut the funding for the VCCS in order to redirect that funding to fix transportation in the State of Virginia. This would have the effect of halting some of the construction that is currently in progress on campus, as well as hurting VWCC's ability to hire more full-time faculty, offer more sections of classes, and keep tuition low.

He urged students and faculty to visit where you can read about this and other Virginia legislative topics, as well as where you can find your representatives and email them about topics that are important to you. If the quality and cost of the education you receive here at Virginia Western are important to you, find your legislator and write to them asking them not to sponsor any budget plan that uses money from the core budget to pay for transportation.

In addition, the Chancellor mentioned another item that Virginia21 hopes to make their number one priority next year: The Transfer Scholarship. This scholarship would be awarded to students who maintain a 3.0 GPA while studying at one of Virginia's 23 Community Colleges. Being awarded the scholarship would allow you to transfer to a four-year college to finish your degree while continuing to pay Community College tuition. This would represent a huge savings and a huge incentive to start out at VWCC or other community colleges.

Losing the Logo Lottery

The North Carolina Lottery recently revealed this incredible new logo only to then have to backpeddle because it was determined that the CLIP ART they used to create it was copyrighted. Three lessons here: 1) Don't use copyrighted material like you own it 2) Don't use clip art 3) Don't make stuff that looks this horrible! Who in the world did they hire to do this job? Freaks. This image may dissapear, because the Lottery officials quickly tried to hide the image from the media.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Madlove + Word Videos

Perrysburg, Ohio based Madhouse suggests a word a month and asks people to create a video that expresses that word and send it to them. The above is a video for the word "light." See a bunch more here.

Hiring at the Chopping Block

Interactive Graphic Designer
The Chopping Block is looking to take on one new Designer of unmatchable strength with fancy footwork and a clever mind. Illustration is a plus, strong portfolio and intermediate Flash scripting is a must. Our designers are the studio's key members and driving forces in their own projects and the Block's creative vision. We're looking for a individual who is not afraid of stepping into the ring and landing a few solid punches.

Neil Young on Studio 360

Anyone who has ever listened to Neil Young's Trans knows that he is the kind of artist who stays true to his artistic vision and doesn't compromise, even if the end product suuuuuuuucks. A lot of his music is some of the best out there, though, and this interview with Young on Studio 360 is an interesting look into his philosophy on music. See him live on memorex here and here. See a clip of his new film below.

Cigarette Packaging

Just in case you didn't know: I hate cigarettes. They're poison and they take people's families away from them. Plus if you just smoked you smell bad. BUT last week a few of us were talking about cigarette packaging, and about the evil tobacco company's ability to market in developing countries around the world without the same regulation that they face here. Then this post showed up which shows a whole slew of cancer-stick packaging from Japan. So I'll post it, but smoking=stupid.

Style Master CSS PodGuide

WestCiv has posted a version of their CSS Guide for your iPod. Keep a reference to all of the different selectors and properties with you all the time! Sweet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Design Job in Baltimore

Notice one thing about this job: They ask for Photoshop, Illustrator and QUARK proficiency. InDesign hasn't taken over completely kids...

Contact: Joan Weadock

Nationally-recognized firm seeks graphic designer. Opportunity to create quality, award-winning work at one of Baltimore's top studios. Looking for a highly motivated, conceptual thinker with sophisticated approach to typography. Must be proficient in Quark, Illustrator & Photoshop. Web design skills a plus. Please send your resume and pdfs of samples to No phone calls, please.
Rutka Weadock Design
Phone: 410 563-2100

Rookie Designer #13 - Design Process

I thought I'd see if I can get some sort of conversation started in the discussion group, and that this Rookie Designer Podcast might be a good way to do it. This is his podcast about the Design Process and brings some interesting points as well as some omissions to a discussion about the process in design. Listen to it and look for a post in the discussion group if you'd like to talk it over.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Click & Drag

Here is a link to the Roanoke Times internal (I think) newsletter on Design. Looks pretty interesting, with links to design related web sites as well as a week's worth of section covers from the printed paper. This is especially cool if you're like me and love newspapers and newspaper design, but get your news from the trippledub.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Macbook versus Dull - whoops - Dell

For those of you who are interested in buying a Mac but think that they are expensive relative to a PC such as a Dell - here is an article that dispels that myth. An Apple to apples comparison of a Macbook Pro with a similarly equipped Dell.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Computational Calligraphies

Caligraft is a very cool site showing computer created caligraphy. From the info page on the site:
The intent of the work is to promote the exploration of textual representation spaces at the different levels. It also intends to motivate the creation of public license fonts, as well as creating new design guidelines for optimal font crafting. On the other hand it pretends to challenge the already existing font rendering systems to discover what advantages computation can provide us in the field of text rendering.

First one to show this to Steve is sure to get brownie points...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Here's a podcast called Rookie Designer that is geared towards people who are new to the design industry. This is good information, although I've heard him say a few things that I thought were a little iffy. If you've got an iPod though this would be something good to stick in it. If you don't have an iPod you can listen directly from his site or in iTunes. (also - what the heck or you waiting for? Get an iPod!)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Monday, February 06, 2006


A few things to note: There are two new links in the navigation on the right: A link to a calendar of the open lab hours, as well as hours when the lab is available during a class if an open seat is available. A link to an XML feed of this site for those of you who know what a newsreader is. Also there is a relatively new discussion on the discussion group about 2 year design education vs. 4 and even 5 year education and what a designer can expect out of them and to be required of them.

Publication Design

An interesting article about the New Yorker and it's general lack of deisign changes over the life of the publication.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gourmet Guitars

This has nothing to do with design, but I did get the link from Apple's Pro website so maybe somehow it applies. This is a link to a site for a DVD documentary about master guitar building. There are tons of clips available on the site, and if you are a fan of the guitar in any sense you will probably enjoy the clips. The article on Apple's site is here. Good stuff.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Macintosh, iMac, iBook and other Apple Computer Repair and consulting in the Roanoke, VA area

If you own an Apple Macintosh computerand have run into a problem that you can't solve, would like to update your system but are not sure how, would like to learn how to use the computer in new ways, or would just like to find out how to use the Macintosh operating system and the software that came with your mac, please allow me to help you with that. With 18 years of Apple computer experience, I can use my own experience and knowledge to solve your individual problems and to prevent you from making the same mistakes that I have throughout the years. My rates are reasonable and I'll be glad to make housecalls if needed to get your home network set up or to diagnose your problem there. If you need help with a Mac related problem, send me an email at