Friday, March 31, 2006

City of Roanoke "young adult job seeker database"

Roanoke, VA - The City of Roanoke's Division of Economic Development, in conjunction with the Department of Technology, has created a database to connect young adult job seekers with Roanoke businesses. Individuals are urged to visit the city Web site and complete the registration process at

"We hear all the time people saying ‘keep me in mind if you hear of anything or I sure would like to stay in this area, or my daughter is looking to come back'. What has not occurred is some entity capturing the contact information of those seekers and later following up when the opportunity does indeed exist," said special projects coordinator Stuart Mease.

Mease was hired by the city in January to create programs and events geared toward retaining and attracting young adults in the city/region. Between 1990 and 2000, according to U.S. census data, the Roanoke MSA lost nearly 8,500 young adults between the ages of 21-34 or 15% of that age group's population.

"We want to accommodate all people who want to work, live and play in Roanoke, but are having a difficult time making the transition because they have incomplete job data," he said. "Ultimately, we want everyone's children and grandchildren to have a future in Roanoke."

The database is being populated with five major categories of people - two-year and four-year college students living in the region, college alumni not living in the region, young adults currently living in the region, native sons and daughters not living in the region, and a broad other category capturing all ages and people who have no connection to the region. By obtaining the contact information of job seekers from one of these segments, the city will be able to link individuals when job opportunities exist in Roanoke.

The first stage of the process is to populate the database with job seekers. Once a critical mass is formed, Roanoke businesses will be able to tap into this resource.
"It seems the perception by young adults is that there are limited job opportunities in the region and recruiters will tell you they cannot find the talent. The two sides are not connecting through normal communication channels. Therefore, this site was created to bridge the gap."

For more information, contact Mease at


Buchanan said...

So the City is trying to create a scene- nice.

William said...

I hope they do something that sparks a more vibrant scene here - While I'm writing Hit The Road I just get sick about all of the great music that Knoxville, Norfolk, Asheville, Richmond and other cities in our region get that must just pass right by Roanoke.. what's up with that?!

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