Friday, March 31, 2006

Virginia Western Career Center

While we're talking about jobs - make sure you check out the Virginia Western Career Center. Last week I received this email from Sandra McMinnis who is a Job Placement Officer at the center:
Good News!! Employers in the Valley are realizing that our programs and our students are great. We now have over 200 employers who are registered and posting jobs on our Website. Unfortunately, we don't have enough students to fill the jobs we have. Some of our jobs are part time, but many of our jobs are full time with the potential to build a successful career. Employers want our May graduates.

I need your help. Please encourage your students to register to post their resumes on our Website and take advantage of the many opportunities available through the Career Center. There are employers who want our students and want to give them the opportunity to earn a good living. For example, I have an employer who wants to hire two full-time employees to help with staffing this is a great chance to learn human resources from the ground up and receive training and a great beginning salary. This company does not require a specific degree, only excellent communication skills and initiative. There are other openings for electricians, CAD operators, engineering trainees, receptionists, police officers; health care providers, and a Systems Analyst; I won't go on and on with examples. Our students have choices and options at this time.

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