Monday, August 28, 2006

Figure Drawing

The Mac Lab at Mississippi State University

workday, originally uploaded by msu graphic design.

Check out this shot of the GRaphic Design Program Mac Lab at Mississippi State University - just an example of how fortunate we are here to have such a up to date and top quality set of labs - some of these emacs even seem to be yellowing with age!

Friday, August 25, 2006

911 cover up

This isn't exactly design related, but it's something I think anyone who comes across it should watch - whether you believe it or not - this film makes a persuasive argument for a 9/11 cover up that left me feeling more frightened than I did after watching any horror movie I've seen lately - watch it and pass it on..

OK Update - this makes it more design related - here is a graphic adaptation of the 9/11 report created by by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón - but don't let this sidetrack you from watching the video above.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


are pretty funny - And no more comments about my motorcycle post..

Senior Web Designer Job with the Roanoke Times

Senior Web Developer
Job Code: 743
Division: The Roanoke Times
Location: ROANOKE, VA US
Travel Involved: None/Not Specified
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level: Experienced
Education: Bachelors Degree
Category: Newspapers, Sales

Position Summary:
The Web Dean will design and build a highly interactive web site with rapidly changing entertainment, infotainment, and advertising content targeting college age students. Works closely with sales and content leaders to identify new products and to plan, prioritize, and implement projects. Selects and manages vendors and contractors. Builds, trains, and manages a team that includes college students. Maintains deep understanding of current, web sites, trends, and potential use of internet and digital technology.


Remain current with existing and emerging technology and with high volume, high buzz web sites

Work with Content and Sales Deans to identify creative look of new site, entertainment content, infotainment content, and advertising placement on site

Co-host focus groups, lead discovery efforts to uncover unmet demands in college age internet users

Create and maintain development schedule for frequently changing content and continually innovative directional development

Ensure highest quality of site, ensure high look-ability and usability of site

Recruit, select, and train team members—primarily college students—to support emerging development and on-going site updates

Supervise growing team and manage performance process including Partners in Performance (PIP)

Create developmental plans for team members in collaboration with individuals

Participate in cross-functional sub-teams as needed

Solicit proposals from vendors and contractors, select appropriate vendors and contractors, and manage vendor/contractor relationships

ASP, .NET, MS SQL—minimum three years experience

JavaScript, XML, CSS—minimum two years experience

Experience in web development using XHTML standards

Experience with multimedia and FLASH

Experience leading web development teams, more than three years experience preferred

Proven track record for managing multiple priorities and multi-tasking

Proven track record for strong organizational skills

Outstanding interpersonal and collaboration skills

Bachelors degree required

Skills Desired:
Web Development -> HTML, JavaScript

Monday, August 21, 2006

The First Version of Photoshop

posts screen grabs of Photoshop 1 from 1990.

Welcome to the Fall '06 Semester

This web site will be updated very regularly to contain information related to your classes and to graphic design, as well as to contain some things that I find along the way that are just interesting. This will also be the only place I will post any extra credit for any classes - so it will pay for you to visit regularly. The area where this post appears is the blog portion of the site, and will contain new posts of design related news, web sites, jobs, tutorials, articles, and more. The area of links at the top of the page contain ways that you can get in touch with me, as well as links to my office hours, the Mac lab hours, blackboard and myvwcc. All handouts, grades and assignments will be posted on the blackboard site for your class.

On the right side of the page you will see two columns of a variety of information. In the "Feedback" section you can post a comment to this blog, leave me an online voicemail from your computer, or give me a rating on Below that are a weekly band to check out, and a spot for a design related or otherwise entertaining youtube clip. Pay attention to the "Recent Links" list, as it changes to include the most recent design related links that I've added to my bookmarks. Clicking "Explore more links" will take you to all of the design related bookmarks I have tagged in Ma.gnolia, where you can find tons of great design information such as tutorials, articles, designers websites and a pile of other stuff. The reading list at the bottom of that column lists a number of design related books that are most certainly worth taking the time to read.

In the far right column there is a search box that will allow you to search all of my posts on the site, and a constantly updated list of the most recently active design blogs from all over the net. Pay special attention to the "Daily podcast" and "Daily video" links, as they will be very regularly updated and contain links to design related videos and podcasts that are great to listen to or watch when you have the time.

I spend a lot of time working on this website to keep the information current, valuable and entertaining. Your comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a great semester!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Design Seminars Possible Next Summer

There is a possibility that I may offer three new and different 15 hour design seminars in the Summer '07 session. Depending on the level of interest and scheduling availability, the seminars will be QuarkXpress Skill Xpander, Getting In to InDesign, and Advanced Photoshop Techniques. Other ideas are possible, so suggestions are welcome. If you are interested in improving your skill level in Photoshop, QuarkXpress or InDesign, these seminars are a great way to learn new skills and reinforce those that you might have learned at one time but have forgetten or become confused about. The seminars are very affordable and the atmosphere is relaxed and informative. The seminars are not restricted to Comm Design Only students, so anyone including new students and graduates can attend. If you are new to Macintosh computers or graphic design software you will probably feel behind - but contact me to discuss whether or not the seminar will be over your head. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED YOU MUST CONTACT ME BEFORE DECEMBER 1st '06 - to reserve your spot just add a comment to this post, send me an email, or leave me a voicemail.

Update: Two more ideas for seminars - I will run as many as I can fill, but I need a miniuimum of twelve students in a seminar for it to happen: HTML & CSS for one, Design Agency for another. The Design Agency will be a chance to work on some projects that will help strengthen your portfolio and build your experience working on creative design projects.

Graphic Art Work in Blacksburg

Campus Emporium and the Greek Empo in downtown Blacksburg are hiring PT positions (25hrs) for embroidery and graphic art. Prior embroidery and production work a plus. We will train qualified individuals. Graphic arts position require a working knowledge of Photo Shop, Adobe illustrator, and Coral draw. Digital camera knowledge is helpful. A creative mind in working understanding of technology is necessary. Positions will have a flexible schedule but will require some weekend and evening hours. Send resume and references to: Campus Emporium, 207 North Main St., Blacksburg, VA 24060 or fax to 540-552-2464

Monday, August 14, 2006

Something to think about maybe eventually downloading some day

is a Mac only application that supposedly helps procrastinators get their work done. According to what I've read it is not as good as Schoolhouse but that's only because the programmer hasn't gotten around to making it better yet.

Online Drawing Tutorials - a ton of'em
is a huge collection of drawing lessons - From what I can tell it looks great, but you do have to create an account to view the lessons, which I have yet to do. Looks good though.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Amazing work with Illustrator's Gradient Mesh Tool

Here is an example of a number of artists who can create extremely realistic (realistic to the point of: What's the point?) illustrations using Illustrator, mostly using one tool - the gradient mesh. I've bookmarked a number of tutorials for the Gradient Mesh tagged as "Illustrator" in my Ma.gnolia account. Click here to see tutorials, click the image to see the artist's work.

Me (...well... Her...)

Typographic Hierarchy

The essential function of type is to get your message across. Sounds simple, right? Not always. The more information you have to present, the more challenging it can be to convey it in the right sequence and with the right emphasis. “Typographic hierarchy” refers to the different levels of importance your design choices assign to the information you’re trying to convey.

The most crucial element in achieving good typographic hierarchy is the overall design of your piece. Once all the elements are arranged with care, it’s time to make some typographic choices that prioritize the information for your readers.

How do you make the most important information stand out? Try the following techniques:

  • Choose your primary typeface wisely. Select a legible type family with enough weights to give you options.
  • Use a contrasting typeface. If your primary typeface is a serif design, a contrasting sans can often work well to help prioritize information. Don’t use more than two families; more runs the risk of making your design too busy.
  • Vary size. Changing the point size will draw attention, but be sure to make it noticeable. A one-point change won’t create enough contrast; try two points or more.
  • Use all caps. In small doses, all cap settings work well for brief emphasis, especially for subheads and column headings. Use all caps sparingly, though – text in all caps loses readability after more than a few words.
  • Incorporate italics. Using italics is a great way to achieve subtle emphasis, particularly for bylines, captions and within blocks of copy.
  • Take advantage of small caps. If your typeface has true-drawn small caps, use them! They’re terrific for highlighting specific elements when you have a lot of information to prioritize and don’t want to change type families.
From Fonts.Com

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Autobots Re-Design...

Here's a critique
of the Autobots recent redesign for the upcoming Transformers movie.

Going to work at Subway

AgencyDotCom documents their research for a pitch to the subway Corporation - this is a great look into an agency world as well as a great example of an agency working to be on top of new media in their approach.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Illustration Class

Illustration Class
is a blog created by Von. R. Glitschka, who is a illustration educator. He posts exercises that will refine your illustrating skills. Check it out! Looks great to me. From the site: "I view illustration and design as equal partners in the creative process. The tutorials on this site are geared to equip the creative in their pursuit of artistic excellence."

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Be A Design Group at Hatch Show Print

One of the guys from Be A Design Group recently spent a week at at Hatch Show Print and blogged a great introduction to the Hatch Show Print Shop if you're not familiar with it...