Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Design Seminars Possible Next Summer

There is a possibility that I may offer three new and different 15 hour design seminars in the Summer '07 session. Depending on the level of interest and scheduling availability, the seminars will be QuarkXpress Skill Xpander, Getting In to InDesign, and Advanced Photoshop Techniques. Other ideas are possible, so suggestions are welcome. If you are interested in improving your skill level in Photoshop, QuarkXpress or InDesign, these seminars are a great way to learn new skills and reinforce those that you might have learned at one time but have forgetten or become confused about. The seminars are very affordable and the atmosphere is relaxed and informative. The seminars are not restricted to Comm Design Only students, so anyone including new students and graduates can attend. If you are new to Macintosh computers or graphic design software you will probably feel behind - but contact me to discuss whether or not the seminar will be over your head. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED YOU MUST CONTACT ME BEFORE DECEMBER 1st '06 - to reserve your spot just add a comment to this post, send me an email, or leave me a voicemail.

Update: Two more ideas for seminars - I will run as many as I can fill, but I need a miniuimum of twelve students in a seminar for it to happen: HTML & CSS for one, Design Agency for another. The Design Agency will be a chance to work on some projects that will help strengthen your portfolio and build your experience working on creative design projects.


lee roberts said...

lee roberts InDesign thanks!

Anonymous said...

I might be interested in taking the Getting into InDesign (if it's a beginning class?) and the Advanced Photoshop...thanks Steph