Tuesday, December 05, 2006

R.R. Donnelley Jobs and Internships

For those of you who were in the classes that took the trip to R.R. Donnelley to tour their book printing facility (who knew that all of Marvel's graphic novels were printed in Salem?) you might be interested in what type of jobs or internships might be available there. Job opportunities are posted on the R.R. Donnelley web site - and currently there are three available in Salem, although they require experience that nobody reading this web site has I bet.. Temp work at Donnelley is handled through Kelly and they would be the best people to check with, their number is 540-774-8300. I'll let you know if I find out about any internship opportunities there or anywhere else.

New Today:Daily Podcast is the Digital Photography show #25, Daily Video is Parasol Island - make sure you watch the movie - I can't believe people get paid to do that stuff. That kind of job didn't exist when I was in college - and I am NOT old enough to be your father - so you guys are lucky because you have these choices for careers that look like loads of fun - punks...

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