Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Veer's Top Ten Type Stories

Check out these fine fonts from Veer
- not inexpensive, but some are beautiful.

Also check out this email from Natasha Taylor, Advisor to the Student Newsletter Editors and Staff:

The Student Newsletter is in search of student editors and staff for the
Spring 2007 semester and beyond. This is a great learning experience and
resume builder. I'm looking for students to work in the following positions:

*Creative editor - Designs newsletter and lays out stories. Could also
illustrate or help with images/photographs. Perfect for a graphic
design/art student.
*Copy editor - Corrects grammar and style.
*Managing editor - Assigns news stories to staff. Schedules meetings and
organizes/determines content of newsletter.

You can contact her here if you are interested in any of these positions.

New Today: Daily Video is a tutorial for using the Adobe Web Gallery feature, Daily Podcast is part two of the Rookie Designer's interview with Ken Barber

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