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More on Time Management for Creatiives

Bodo shares a great series of posts about Time Management for creative professionals. Time Management is a critical skill for anyone trying to navigate a modern career, but is often hard for Creative people to grasp, because it seems so contrary for many to the creative instinct. This series of posts is a good introduction to the hows and whys of time management. While this is valuable skill for designers, it is doubly important for design students, especially based on the number of students who have needed to ask me for an extension on work this semester. If you are a designer, a student, or both... this is required reading.

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Fwd: ADDY Web Site is Up! Enter Now!

The student ADDY Web site is now up at running at Here you can download a PDF of instructions and register online for the competition. 

Please contact me for promotional posters and entry envelopes as soon as possible. 

I can be reached through the contact information below. Thanks and I look forward to talking with you soon.

Taryn  |  President  |  Ad 2 Roanoke
540.983.0717 work  |  540.309.7717 cell  |

Learn Adobe's Pen Tool with Advanced Math breaks down the pen tool, maybe all this extra stuff will help some of you...

Web site converts photos to vectors

Vector Magic is a site that allows you to upload an image and instantly transform it to a vector image. Check it out for yourself.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Creating seamless patterns in Illustrator

Veerle works blog post magic again with a tutorial for Illustator's pen tool.

Western VA Student ADDY Awards!


The Western Virginia ADDY® Awards are the first step in a 3-tier national compeition sponsored by The American Advertising Federation (AAF), a not-for-profit industry association. It is the only creative awards program administered by the advertising industry for the industry. All Gold ADDY® winning entries are automatically forwarded to the Third District ADDY® competition with a chance to compete for a national award.

  • Entry deadline is January 9, 2008.
  • It's easy to enter online. Just print out your final paperwork and bring it with you when you drop off your entries.
  • Drop off entries at The Roanoke Higher Ed Center, 108 N. Jefferson St., Roanoke, VA 24016 from 4:30p.m. to 6:00p.m.
  • Early drop off entries can be arranged through your school representative or by contacting . 


The ADDY® Awards recognizes excellence in creativity in every facet of advertising. There are categories for print, radio, television and interactive categories. For a complete list of categories and detailed entry instructions, please see the attached "student addy handout 08".


Entry deadline is January 9, 2008.

  • Members: $60 per single entry or campaign
  • Non-members: $100 per single entry or campaign
  • Students: $25 per single entry or campaign
  • Payment can be made online using a credit card or by check on January 9th at the Drop Off.


You can enter as many items as you wish at any time prior to the deadline and edit your entries right up until your print your final manifest. Soon we will have an ADDY® Awards page on our website ( that will make it easy to download our student packet and link to the omnicontest website for entry. Check back for update on our site.

Mark your calendars. March 1, 2008 at The Jefferson Center in Roanoke, Virginia

If you would like AD2 ROANOKE to make a presentation to your students to inform them about the Student ADDYs, please email .The student packet of information is attached along with promotional posters. Please feel free to print and pass them out to friends, family, students and faculty!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Aka Russ, the painter, illustrator and designer type bod, the United Kingdom based artist with these tasty sketches in ink.

Lichtfaktor, Light Graffitis

Whoa - did you see that?No it´s not photoshop skills, no it´s not 3D, no it´s not computer generated, we might say it´s Light generated it´s literally "hand made". Really, take some time to explore this light graffitis by Lichfaktor crew.

Static Movement lets us check out the outcome of a simple experiment that gives static images the feeling of movement .... some beautiful work.

What if the model for Michelangelo’s “David” had a higher BMI?


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Last Supper in Amazing Detail

The Last Supper up close and personal. The best look you can get online of one of the most mysterious paintings ever created.An Italian technology firm, HAL9000, has created an online mega-composite of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper at an incredible 16 gigapixel resolution (about 2,000 times more detailed than a standard digital photograph).

How to Remove Tourists from Your Photos

dsphotographic gives the steps to getting rid of tourists in your pictures. The technique uses layer masks to accomplish the task.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Showcase Of BIG Typography

The main advantage of excellent typography lies in its ability to be both attractive and functional at the same time. Although images communicate more vividly, text presentation can impress visitors with its sharpness and precise geometrical forms and curves. Consequently, chosen wisely and used carefully, it can be very effective — and there are dozens of outstanding examples of how the latter can be achieved.

Paula Scher's Paintings

Maya Stendhal Gallery recently announced a solo exhibition of renowned artist and graphic designer Paula Scher, which runs from November 8, 2007 through January 26, 2008.

Photoshop CS3's clone tool adds "Ignore Adjustment Layers"

Photoshop guru Jason Hoppe teaches non-destructive retouching techniques in Photoshop. In classes at CreativeTechs he shows many ways to improve your images without overwriting the original image data. Done properly, image quality doesn't degrade as you make edits, and you retain flexibility when clients come back with later change requests.

Creative Characters: The Faces Behind the Fonts

Christian Schwartz is among the most prolific type designers in the USA, having published fonts with about half a dozen foundries. gives up some information about the people who bring us the fonts we know and love.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Awards for Creative Students!

Southwest Virginia's STUDENT ADDY AWARDS are on the horizon!
     Sponsored by the AAF, the ADDY Awards honor excellence in advertising and cultivates the highest creative standards in the industry. With 60,000 entries, the ADDY Awards are the nation's largest advertising competition. The competition begins at the local level with over 200 AAF member clubs around the country. The local winners proceed to district competitions, and those winners proceed to the national finals. For more information on Student Addy Awards, visit:
     AD2 ROANOKE is the local sponsor for Southwest Virginia's STUDENT Addy Awards. AD2 would like for all students to have the opportunity to participate. If you believe that your school might be interested in offering this to their students, please contact me. I will be looking for a drop off point for students work. This drop off point will be someone or somewhere that can hold student's entries until I am able to come pick them up or someone can deliver them to the Final Drop Off at Roanoke Higher Education Center in Downtown Roanoke, on the evening of January 9th. Many students will be on winter break and that is why we ask for each school to have a drop off point for students before they leave. Please let me know if you (or you know someone who) would be interested.
     If you are interested in learning more about the ADDY process, join us on November 14th for...
Aducation: Everything You've Wanted to Know About the ADDYs But Were Afraid to Ask
Get educated, or aducated, about the ins and outs of the ADDYs. From new categories to the judging process, you'll learn the details of how the three-tiered competition works from the local to the national level. 
Time: Noon Luncheon at The Hotel Roanoke. RSVP Required by November 12th: email
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Web Publishing: Design Web Site Icons at

Create an address bar/tab icon for your web site instantly with, a web-based paint application and image converter that creates favicons. Draw your icon and preview the results in actual size while you work. Publish the finished image for personal use or license it for reuse under Creative Commons

Jason Chan Art

Jason Chan has some amazing art work to check out on his website.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spooky Type has a bunch of great typography, including some seasonal stuff to fit the holiday season. Check out the site and flip through a few.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Graphic designer needed at Washington & Lee

Position Title: Graphic Designer

Department: Communications & Public Affairs

Supervisor's Title:  Publications Director

Status: Full-time

Schedule: 35 hours per week

FLSA: Non-exempt 

Grade: 3

EEOC: Secretarial/Clerical

Washington and Lee is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  As such, we 

are interested in candidates who are committed to high standards of 

scholarship, performance and professionalism and to the development 

of a campus climate that supports equality and diversity in our 

faculty, staff and student body.

POSITION SUMMARY: Receives work assignments from publications 

director and customer service representative to design attractive, 

eye-catching publications of all kinds (brochures, posters, 

programs, newsletters, magazines, Web sites, etc.) for the entire 

University (law and undergraduate schools, student organizations,

faculty members, administrative departments, etc.); helps update and 

maintain the University's graphic identity program; designs art and 

logos for special events; works with the rest of the department and 

the University web editor to ensure that the publications Web site 

remains current

ESSENTIAL AND RELATED FUNCTIONS: Possesses strong working knowledge 

of all creative design software such as InDesign, PhotoShop and 

Illustrator; keeps up with changes in software and computer 

technology; meets deadlines; works well under pressure; records 

accurately time spent on each project for internal billing; works

well as part of a team; communicates well with clients and coworkers

WORKING CONDITIONS: Share an office space in design studio with one 

other graphic designer and a photographer. Macintosh platform.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Graphics background, whether art degree or 

at least three years' experience in the graphics design industry.

TO APPLY: To apply, Washington & Lee University application for 

employment required.  Can be obtained from and sent via e-mail to; or apply to Washington and Lee University, Office of 

Human Resources, 117 W. Washington Street, Lexington, VA  24450.