Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcome to Spring 2007

Welcome to the Spring Semester. They call it the Spring Semester because we won't be having winter anymore. That's good if you like to fish or ride motorcycles, but not so good if you like to ski or throw snowballs.

This web site was created and is updated daily completely for your benefit as a student. The information that I post here is generally information that I believe will make you a better graphic designer or artist. It is a broad range of information, but I believe that all of it is valuable, or I wouldn't be posting it. This blog is part of the required reading for your course, so you need to visit it at least once a week and read the new material posted.

The area where this text is posted is the main blog portion of the site, however there are many resources on the right hand side of the page that give you access to more information. A quick rundown:
  • Daily Podcast - this is a daily updated podcast related to graphic design or photography.
  • Daily Video - a daily updated video, usually some sort of video tutorial, or some sort of design related goodness.
  • Feedback - a spot where you can post or send me feedback about your classes or about the website
  • Recent Links - bookmarks of interest - click Explore More Links to be redirected to all of my design related bookmarks, with tons of resources and tutorials.
  • Design Blogs - hundreds of frequently updated blogs devoted to design, illustration and other related fields - most recently updated blogs appear at the top of the list.
  • The rest of the sidebar content to the right is for your entertainment or information - check them out when you can.

You will find that viewing this site on Internet Explorer is unusual. That's because Internet Explorer blows chunks. I hope that you enjoy and benefit greatly your classes this semester. Good luck!

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