Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Remember the 70’s?!" (A Super Cool Grandin Theatre Poster Op)

The Grandin Theatre Foundation's
2008 Annual Soiree Fundraiser

Remember the 70's?!
(A Super Cool Poster Op)

Concept Hey folks, we're at it again…seeking your vision, brains, wit, and sweat to create fun, one-of-a-kind movie posters. We believe great graphic designs should be appreciated right next to other art forms. Like last year, we're requesting poster designs from the best and brightest graphic designers in the area. These will be printed in color, large scale (in editions of one), neatly mounted, and presented in a silent auction as part of the Grandin Theatre's annual fundraising party. The theme this year is Remember the 70's?! an era packed with social and political changes, and tons of great movies too! (See the attached list for a quick survey of flicks from the 70's)
Who Any interested graphic designers, participating through underwriting by their firms or as individuals.
NEW! All participating graphic designers will receive one ticket to the Soiree and two movie passes to the flick of their choice! The Soiree gig is widely known among the cool in town as one of the best party events of the year. As usual we'll be featuring great food, adult beverages, groovy music, dancing, fabulous items for auction, optional costume dress-up. New this year, The Big Lick Conspiracy will bring their unique and creative improv comedy skills in the form of a series of short skits presented throughout the evening. In addition, we'll be giving all designers (or their firms) recognition on a slide honoring Soiree supporters.

Specifics The posters will be 35" x 28", and must be designed in a digital format saved to disc. Designs will be printed in full color on archival quality paper and mounted on black gatorfoam.
They must include the words Remember the 70's?!, the date "October 25, 2008", as well as the Grandin Theatre logo (a jpeg of the logo is attached). Posters may include the designer's name or the name or logo of the designer's firm.
The 70's theme is very open. Posters may use a film from the era--like The Godfather; Star Wars; Superman; Rocky; etc. or a compilation or invention related to the times, such as "The Sting of Tricky Dick." (While we love freedom and want these to be considered works of art, please use discretion regarding profanity or extremely disturbing graphic imagery.}

Deadline Designs must be turned in to the Grandin Theatre on a disc by Monday, Oct. 20. (Yeah, we know this is a rush, but hey, grease up your mouse pad and go for it, we already know you work best under tight deadlines!)

Printing $$ If you saw these last year, you know they were widely admired and very sharp! As the Grandin Theatre is a non-profit, and this is intended to raise funds, not expend them, we need some help underwriting this expense. Your indidvidual or your firm's contribution is tax-deductible and appropriate forms will be provided, and public acknowledgement of support at the event. Once again, Dan Brown of Photo USA has agreed to offer a significant break in the cost -- $70 for board, archival photo paper, full color printing, & mounting—a sweet deal! However, the Grandin Theatre must provide them all the poster designs on disc at the same time, so your discs and checks made to The Grandin Theatre Foundation must be in our house by Oct. 20

Last Word We are currently talking with potential sponsors to cover printing all these posters and will keep you informed immediately should good news about a savings in printing costs reach our ears! Of course any reductions will go directly to you.

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