Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Volunteer opportunity related to graphic design +Disneyworld?!

I have been working with the Rescue Mission since Aug in the Development Department.  My responsibilities include producing all the Graphic Design Needs of the Mission as well as working to assist in the numerous creative concepts necessary to fund the ministries here.

1.        I would like to offer a tour of the Mission to any of your students interested in knowing what the many graphic design and creative applications a non-profit such as ours requires.  (We are the largest Rescue Mission and shelter in Virginia) Regular tours are Monday 12 – 1:00 lunch included but I would be happy to conduct a tour that would meet with your schedule…

2.       Give any student interested in volunteering real-life job experience in helping with our many fund raising campaigns ie: internship working on Graphic design projects from home, school or here that will help the mission.

3.       Let you know that a couple of hours volunteering (doing anything) at the Mission will result in Free Disneyworld Tickets. (We joined a program…it's pretty neat)

I look forward to hearing from you!  My number at the mission is 343 7227 ex 690.


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