Monday, June 28, 2010

Adobe Photoshop What the Wow!?

Itching to get started using Adobe Photoshop? You've seen the images from and are ready to put your bosses head on a walrus body? Want to clear up some acne in your high school yearbook photo? Need to Photoshop that "special someone" out of a few years of photos? This Photoshop Fresher/Refresher will give an introductory overview of Photoshop's most useful and fun tools, as well as include workflow and efficiency tips and tricks for those with some experience but who still feel sluggish or lost. Beginners encouraged to attend, even users with moderate experience should leave the classes having learned new and valuable material. Advanced users? Let's play tennis.

1pm – 4:45pm July 21st – August 11th. Class #35844 ART-195-A2

Call the Workforce office for more information. 857-6076

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