Monday, September 06, 2010

JQuery (In Comparison To Flash)

JQuery is a framework for JavaScript which was released in 2006. The whole framework was developed by John Resig, an American Resident, Currently working with Mozilla Corporation as a JavaScript Tool Developer. Although there are many other JavaScript frameworks jQuery has been proven best in all the frameworks. The other frameworks like MooTools, Spry, midori, qooxdoo also allow you to manipulate the client side HTML content, but jQuery became very popular among all these because of its flexibility, easy coding standards and ability to deliver robust outcomes.

In simple language jQuery makes the tasks done by JavaScripts easy, fast and understanding. One can manipulate css, content, images, HTML attributes and even the server side data by implementation of Ajax with jQuery.

Before jQuery whenever it came to animation or sliding, the only thing that came into everyone's mind was Flash. But after jQuery one is totally ignoring using flash wherever possible. The main reason behind this is not that jQuery is the best over flash, but the implementation of jQuery over flash is better, easy and quick. Whenever one needs to place any flash content in their website, the client browser must be supportive to show the content of the flash. i.e. A Flash player is always needed. Now as the flash player is needed, what happens is that the control for that content is given to the flash player by the browser and hence the third party comes into existence costing the speed of the website. So if the browser is not fully able to load the content of a web page by its own, and requires some other application to show some part of the page, it will definitely take more time to load the page. And what about the users who do not have flash player in their browser at all? They will first need to download it as an add-on and then will be able to serf the page fully, which definitely lessens the interest of the visitor.

Where as in jQuery every kind of animations is possible as the Flash gives and need not the third party application to load or run a code and content. Because every browser introduced till date in this world supports JavaScript, also supports jQuery, remember – jQuery is the framework for JavaScript. Look, how easy it is! One more benefit of jQuery over Flash is that any na├»ve developer or programmer can easily handle it with little sweat, but Flash is not any Tom-Dick-&-Harry's cup of tea. Hence, the ultimate benefit of jQuery is less men power as the developer himself can create the animation and scripting. To use jQuery is also very simple, one just need to add only a single file called jquery.js (jQuery Library) and little code in the HTML page where the magic is to be done. jQuery provides slider, menu bar, image rotation, image fading, text animation, interaction between client side and server side data, and whatever you can think of.

That's the reason you would see the jQuery more and flash less in the recent websites. Flash is totally becoming or I can say became obsolete from the world of Web. Now one would prefer Flash only they have a special requirement of the need of the action scripts. Other than this don't expect the anymore use of the Flash in the websites now a days.

Few advantages of jQuery over flash are:

1) jQuery is compatible with every browsers.

2) jQuery is also compatible with iPhone, iPad, cell phones etc. which Flash is not.

3) jQuery is very less in size and on jQuery can create as many animations and sliding and other effects. But in the case of Flash you will need individual flash files for every animations and sliding.

4) jQuery is a freeware, whereas if someone wants to develop something in Flash they would need to purchase a Flash Development Suite.

5) Flash files are always large in size. Where jQuery file is less than 60kb in size.

6) Flash always need the upmost skill to create even a single simple stuff, but it jQuery any one little familiar with HTML and JavaScript can easily create anything.

These are very few, but the list is very long. There is only two disadvantages of jQuery over Flash are there

1) jQuery does not give high 3D effects and,

2) JavaScript can be disabled from the browser which will disable jQuery too.

Few examples of the jQuery artwork like flash are given below:




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